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Reach Your Highest Potential

Leadership Coach and Certified Neuro Change Solutions (NCS) Consultant

Dr Vish Ramakonar

Dr Vish Ramakonar is part of a global network of corporate consultants trained by Dr. Joe Dispenza, New York Times best-selling author, lecturer, and researcher, to teach organizations how to apply the neuroscience of change to increase employee engagement, collaboration, creativity, productivity, and ultimately — business results.

Dr. Vish has over 20 years experience where she has implemented successful organisational change initiatives.

For the past 10 years, she has excelled as a corporate trainer and speaker in customer relationship management, change management, project management, agile project management, big data analytics and more recently as a NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) consultant.

She has trained hundreds of people in many industries including the government and private sector and her passion is to bring out the highest potential in individuals.

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Mindset Coaching

Mindset, Leadership and Business Coaching.

As an ICF certified coach, let me help you reach your highest potential.

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Change Your Mind Create New Results Program

A change program like nothing you have ever experienced. Change mindsets and improve performance. Increase productivity, communication, team work and innovation. Proven results based on neuroscience.

The Science and Practice of Heart Coherence Program

This program allows those who have attended the CYMCNR program to really dive deep into evidence-based self-regulation techniques to help build resilience and protect against burnout.

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