Change Your Mind Create New Results

Image a culture where everyone is taking care of one another.

Imagine a culture where everyone knows how to self regulate their emotions so that they can communicate better, work in teams better, problem solve and be more creative and innovative.

Imagine a culture where leaders are authentic, congruent and have empathy.

Imagine a culture where employees feel they have a purpose and are meaningfully contributing to the organisation.

If you envision this culture for your organisation, the Change Your Mind Create New Results (CYMCNR) Program is unlike anything you may have experienced because it’s based on the fundamentals of neuroscience. Having a culture that nurtures employee engagement and retention is so pivotal at the moment.

People need to feel like they have a purpose and are meanfully contributing to the organisation that that they have a sense of fulfillment. They need to be aware of the mindsets and attitudes holding them back from achieving this.

We believe that when employees feel valued, empowered, in alignment with an organization’s mission, and believe they are meaningfully contributing, the natural outflow is engagement and a renewed commitment.  The Change Your Mind Create New Results program shows individuals how to take responsibility for their thoughts and attitudes and we teach techniques for self-regulation, leading to more engaged behaviors. When we change individuals, we change a culture.

In a business world that demands constant change and innovation to stay ahead of the curve, the question is, ‘how’ do we think differently and ‘how’ do we change?

Based on the latest research in the science of change, Dr Vish Ramakonar brings to leaders across the globe the information and tools necessary to transform themselves, their teams and their entire organizations. This interactive program is based on the principles of Dr Joe Dispenza’s groundbreaking work and his scientific research on personal transformation.

By understanding some of the basic principles of neuroplasticity and human behavior, organizations are creating breakthroughs and empowering leaders across the world to tackle some of today’s biggest business challenges. Armed with these tools, organizations are increasing their effectiveness at every corporate level with clear measurable outcomes, ROI and ROE.

In this transformative program, Dr Vish will provide brain-based, outcome-driven methodologies and frameworks that will help leaders facilitate positive change and lead more effectively.

CHANGE YOUR MIND…CREATE NEW RESULTS is the only global corporate training designed by Dr Joe Dispenza. This interactive event guides leading professionals through a personalized process using Dr Joe’s models and tools to change their thinking and create the results they desire.

This ground breaking program was developed by Dr Joe Dispenza – a New York Times bestselling author, researcher and international speaker. He has spent the last 25 years studying how the brain works and has developed models and teachings to help us consciously engage our brains to decrease stress, become more resilient, calm and make desirable and sustainable change in our professional and personal lives. It has been delivered to organisations across the world including United Nations, Microsoft, Sony, Pfizer, IBM, Coca Cola, 7 Eleven among many others and has delivered incredible results with companies increasing profits, employee engagement and reducing stress.

By participating in this event, we ask that professionals bring their biggest challenges and habits they wish to change. In this course, they will learn how to change their thinking to effectively lead their teams to success.

Participants of this course will receive:

  • CHANGE YOUR MIND…CREATE NEW RESULTS Workbook written by Dr Joe Dispenza.
  • CHANGE YOUR MIND…CREATE NEW RESULTS 30 Days to Genius Journal, a powerful guide for the 30 days following the completion of the course.
  • Audio downloadable files of all videos shown of Dr Joe Dispenza during the course.
  • Audio downloadable files of two meditations shared during the course, for your personal use. (Please note these workbooks and meditations are not available for purchase at any other course or event.)

Some of the knowledge obtained through this course:

  • What is change?
  • How to implement a simple formula to begin making changes in your life
  • How to think greater than your body
  • How to think greater than your environment
  • How to think greater than time
  • How to move from living in survival to living in creation
  • Understanding your 3 brains that allow you to go from Thinking to Doing to Being and how to access your success “sweet spot”
  • How to change your brainwaves for optimal performance
  • How to design your successful future self
  • How to create your personal 30 days to Genius plan

If you are a business professional, either employee, employer, self-employed or an entrepreneur who wants to create change, then this event is for you.

You will experience an event that many global business leaders have used to effectively create lasting change.

This program can be delivered in a flexible manner either in- house or as an open training. It can be delivered in person or online. Contact me to discuss your needs.

Listen to what Dr Joe Dispenza says about the program in the video below.

Listen to what Dr Joe Dispenza says about the Change Your Mind Create New Results Program


I feel empowered knowing and understanding that my very own thoughts control my personal reality, my state of being. The measures are structured and simple yet powerful.   My gratitude to Dr. Joe Dispenza for selflessly sharing his teachings”

“Dr Vish delivered the course in a wonderful manner . I feel very empowered by what I have learned and I’m using the tools all the time . The whole course from start to finish has changed my state of mind . It was truly wonderful . I’m a much happier person “

“The course was very well presented, I was fully engaged and felt it was a new beginning for me. More so that I didn’t want the course and the interaction with Vish and the group to end. “

“I see a transformed team. The energy is different and full of gratitude. I measure this by individual responses to difficult situations / mini-crisis. Well done team. Keep up the good work.“ A/Prof Ramesh Balasubramaniam OAM – Perth Oral Medicine and Dental Sleep Centre