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  • Ignite the Joy of Life


    This guided meditation was given to me by my spiritual guide – Swami Shantanand Saraswathi.  It is a vehicle to connect with the Infinite Intelligence or Consciousness which exists within every one of us.

    You will connect with this consciousness in 3 forms in 3 parts of your body – Fire (navel), the Sun (heart) and the Moon (space between the eyebrows).  At the end of this meditation, you should feel calm and a renewed sense of clarity and vitality.


    1. Explanation (4:44)
    2. Ignite the Joy of Life 11 min Meditation (10:58)
    3. Ignite the Joy of Life 21 min Meditation (21:07)
    4. Ignite the Joy of Life Instrumental (21:07)

    Music composed by Pavan Kumar Hari.

    50% of proceeds go towards Swami Shantanand’s vision: The Arts Sanctuary – a place for holistic healing and restoration.

    All prices are in US Dollars.