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Shift your mindset to create your success. Learn to live from a place of inner stillness

Change Your Mind Create New Results – A Program Developed by Dr Joe Dispenza
Imagine a future state where your organisation is filled with individuals who are less stressed and willing to change so that they can become more engaged, creative and productive. How would that transform your organisation?

What is holding you back from reaching your highest potential? Can you relate to any of these very common subconscious programs that prevent us from creating the success we deserve in our lives:
➡️ Lack of confidence
➡️ Fear of not being enough
➡️ Low self worth
➡️ Not feeling capable
➡️ Comparison to others
➡️ Feeling stuck
➡️ Procrastination
➡️ Scarcity mindset
➡️ No clear direction
➡️ People pleasing
➡️ Lack of healthy boundaries

Thankfully there is a way to lead a life with less stress, greater resilience and more peace. Each one of us has the ability to shift mindsets and overcome subconscious programs that have limited our growth and expansion. It’s time to believe again in you and your dreams.

Join me for the Change Your Mind Create New Results workshop where we will unpack the neuroscience of well-being and what keeps us stuck. The workshop will explain the main factors based on neuroscience that affect our mental and physical well-being and sabotage our success.  We will also share a formula to get unstuck and give you lifelong tools to help you reach your highest potential.

If you are a business professional, either employee, employer, self-employed or an entrepreneur who wants to create more success and well-being in your organisation and life, then this event is for you.

Deep dive into a transformational experience you will never forget.

The whole package is worth over $2500 and you will experience what leaders and employees around the world have used to reach their highest potential and create positive changes in their professional and personal lives.

Join Dr Vish for the 2 day program – Change Your Mind Create New Results. This program provides a neuroscience based approach to creating success in your company, professional and personal life. This program was developed by Dr Joe Dispenza – a New York Times best selling author, researcher and international speaker. He has spent the last 25 years studying how the brain works and has developed models and teachings to help us consciously engage our brains to decrease stress, become more resilient, calm and make desirable and sustainable change in our professional and personal lives. This allows us to reach our highest potential and create the success in our lives that we deserve.

We believe that when leaders and employees feel valued, empowered, in alignment with an organization’s mission, and believe they are meaningfully contributing, the natural outflow is engagement and a renewed commitment to success. The program shows individuals how to take responsibility for their thoughts and attitudes. We teach techniques for self regulation, leading to more engaged behaviors and better performance to enable success. When we change individuals, we change a culture.


  • Learn the main factors based on neuroscience that affect our mental and physical well-being and sabotage our success
  • Learn a formula to get unstuck and give you lifelong tools to help you reach your highest potential
  • Participants will make significant shifts in perspectives and possibility thinking.
  • These shifts translate into increased professional performance and collective organizational change.

In this workshop you will learn 2 models and 4 tools to enable your success.

Investment includes:

  1.  Full 2 day workshop with morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea
  2.  Change Your Mind Create New Results Workbook (not available anywhere else)
  3.  Links to 2 meditations and all audio files of the video teachings played during the workshop (not available anywhere else).
  4. 30 Day Journal (used by participants for 30 days after completing the training to practice the teachings – not available anywhere else)
  5.  Invitation to a Whatsapp group to receive support personally from Dr Vish during the 30 days of practice .
  6.  Follow up session after completing the 30 days of practice (either in person or over zoom)

There are only 15 places available as I want to give everyone the best experience for this life changing event.

Details are below:
📖 Workshop: Change Your Mind Create New Results- developed by Dr Joe Dispenza
📆 Date: TBA
🕘 Time: 9am – 5pm
📍 Venue: Sydney , NSW
➡️ Link to register: COMING SOON

Here’s what people are saying about the program:

Anja Lewis – Director Biota in Harmony

I feel empowered knowing and understanding that my very own thoughts control my personal reality, my state of being. The measures are structured and simple yet powerful.   My gratitude to Dr. Joe Dispenza for selflessly sharing his teachings”

“Dr Vish delivered the course in a wonderful manner . I feel very empowered by what I have learned and I’m using the tools all the time . The whole course from start to finish has changed my state of mind . It was truly wonderful . I’m a much happier person “

“The course was very well presented, I was fully engaged and felt it was a new beginning for me. More so that I didn’t want the course and the interaction with Vish and the group to end. “